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Karwa Chauth Puja Thali {{Best*}} Thali Decoration & Rituals 2017

Karwa Chauth festival is celebrated with great joy, happiness and enthusiasm same like other punjabi festivals which are celebrated in India. Every Indian women dream to celebrate this festival with her loving husband from very beginning of her marriage. Families unite and participate in this festival with bride, women break their fast together on the appearance of shining moon in the evening or night whenever get visible. There are many different Karwa Chauth rituals which is necessary to be followed during karwa Chauth.

Karva chauth thali items

  1. A plate for keeping puja samagri 
  2. Flower 
  3. Sweet or prasad 
  4. Sindur or kumkum 
  5. A strand of red thread (called kalawa) 
  6. Karwa (a clay vessel containing water) Some also use steel vessel so don't worry if you don't have
  7. If you like anything you can include from traditiona puja items 
  8. For safety reasons, please don't bring Aata Diyas (dough lamps)
We have also given detailed karwa chauth thali samagri below please check that if you want full detail into it.

Karva chauth thali items in hindi

करवा चौथ की पूजन सामग्री - जो आपको जाना बहुत ही जरुरी है
  1. चंदन 
  2. शहद 
  3. अगरबत्ती 
  4. पुष्प 
  5. कच्चा दूध 
  6. शक्कर 
  7. कपूर 
  8. गेहूं 
  9. शक्कर का बूरा 
  10. हल्दी 
  11. पानी का लोटा 
  12. शुद्ध घी 
  13. दही 
  14. मिठाई 
  15. गंगाजल 
  16. कुंकू 
  17. अक्षत (चावल) 
  18. गौरी बनाने के लिए पीली मिट्टी 
  19. लकड़ी का आसन 
  20. चलनी 
  21. आठ पूरियों की अठावरी 
  22. हलुआ 
  23. दक्षिणा (दान) के लिए पैसे, इत्या दि।
यह सारी सामग्री को आप पर्व के एक-दो दिन पहले से ही एकत्रित कर लें- ताकि करवा चौथ के दिन कोई भी आपको परेशानी ना हो।

Karwa Chauth Food Items
As a Karva Chauth food item you must have Sargi, which includes pheni (a sweet made by using milk and semolina), parantha, and various types of fruits and sweets.
Ten matthis with an equal number of puas (a sweet made of jaggery)
And Delicous halwa

Karwa Chauth Beauty Essential (Sringar) Items
During Karva Chauth your palms and feet shouldn't be naked therefore heena mehndi must be your first choice.
Fashionable and multicolored glass bangles gives your hand an extra boost of beauty.
Makeup items like bindi, lipstick, rouge, kajal, eye-liner, kumkum or sindoor, mascara, and few of your personal makeup items for Karva Chauth 2017.
Beautiful and traditional jewelry items like mangalsutra, maangtika, rings, necklace, bangles, ear-rings, anklets (payal), toe-rings, nose-ring, etc.

Karwa Chauth Cloth Items
Many ladies wear Baya or Bayana that includes gifts for the mother-in-law, which is ideally a sari. But you can also choose from your choice whatever suits best on you will be perfect.
A set of new clothes, which is usually a bridal-sari (suhag joda) for the lady performing the vrat.

Karva chauth pooja thali ingredients

  1. A stable platform for performing the puja
  2. Cow-dung to make the image of the goddess Gora or Parwati
  3. Karwa Chauth story book
  4. Matthi for bhog
  5. Sindur or kumkum(red or Orange)
  6. A strand of red thread (called kalawa)
  7. Karwa (a clay vessel containing water)
  8. A plate for keeping puja samagri
  9. For chadaawa you need money
  10. Other miscellaneous puja items
  11. So these were the things to put in karwa chauth thali

There are separate rules for karwa Chauth rituals for unmarried and married women. In some part of India unmarried women also take part in Karva Chauth perform fast for their loving husband. Karwa Chauth fast 2017 also have so many rituals and fast rules that need to be followed by everyone who is ready for the karva Chauth fast procedure.
Women need not to worry about Karwa Chauth fast during periods because they are allowed to have fast and perform other rituals during their period. Many women also get confused whether they are allowed to have Karwa Chauth fast during pregnancy or not, again they need not to worry about pregnancy and can easily participate in karwa Chauth rituals if they want to do so. If any women is having any kind of problem they can opt or not perform Karwa Chauth rituals and fast.
In Karwa Chauth fast for a day for the health and well-being of their husbands. Many movies and TV channels show different types of rituals and preparation for Karva chauth but have you ever wondered what is the most appropriate traditions and rituals associated with Karva Chauth? In this post we will discuss about karwa Chauth thali items and samagri needed on this occasion.

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